Thursday, April 17, 2008

Environmental Sciecne: The Plastic Ocean

Every year millions of pieces of plastic find there way into the ocean as trash. Some pieces are wash into the ocean from runoff, storm drains, or discarded articles on the beach. Other pieces are from trash intentionally dump by fisherman, cruise liners, cargo ships, and other ocean going vessels. The oceans' currents eventually take this plastic flotsam to the middle of the ocean forming a mass of debris that cover millions of square miles. Captain Charles Moore has made a study of these floating masses of debris and here is his story.

Across the Pacific Ocean, Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere

Would you like to know more? Please take the time to listen to the audio stories as well.

Navigating the Pacific's 'Garbage Patch'
Garbage Mass Is Growing in the Pacific
Floating toxic plastic garbage island twice the size of Texas
Photos of a Plastic Ocean

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