Tuesday, August 28, 2012

General Science - Policies and Politics

What do you know about Federal, State and Local policies? Which candidate is most in tune with your personal views? Try ISideWith.com and find out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Environmental Science - The Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift — noun a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory

 [C20: coined by T.S. Kuhn (1922--96), US philosopher of science]

Example: The Fosbury Flop Before Mr Fosbury. ALL high jumper cleared the bar one of two way: A Straddle Kick Jump, or a Siccior Kick Jump. In 1968, at the Oylmpics in Mexico, Mr. Fosbury clear the high jump and obtained the gold medal by what appeared to be jumping backwards over the bar and "flopping" into the pit below. His method was so succesful it is now the dominate way of mastering the high jump. He techinque represent a paradigm shift in the way to approach the high jump.

General Science - Order of Magnitude and Critical Thinking

Often the silliest questions are the most interesting to answer. A good question reveals more about a person thinking process, instead of the final answer. Estimating order of magnitude, critical thinking, problem solving skills are all qualities sought after by top companies around the world. many times these skills are tested in an interview by throwing potential employees oddball questions? Enrico Fermi, a famous physicist, favorite question was. "How many piano tuners are in New York City"?
Here are some links to typical order of magnitude and critical thinking questions often ask in interviews.

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Physics - Nikola Tesla's lab is up for sale!

Nikola Tesla, the unsung hero of AC current, private lab is going and the auction block. The Long Island lab called, Wardenclyffe, is being sort after by Matthew Inman. Inman is a popular internet cartoonist and runs the blog "The Oatmeal". You can read the story: here  The iconic image above is a double exposure. The Tesla coil was photographer in operation first then turned off. The man, not Nikola Tesla, was place in the scene for the next exposure.

Who was Nikola Tesla? I'm glad you asked! Read the Comic: Here