Sunday, November 23, 2008

Environmental Science: Pigs with Spinach genes

Ok... Candlelight, a little wine and a lot of Barry White.....AND YOU STILL WOULD GET THIS! Japanese Scientist in a quest to make a leaner pig, have succeed in introducing a spinach gene into a pig!

Read about it here.

Scientists cross pigs with spinach

Spinach gene makes pigs healthier to eat

Astronomy: Extrasolar Planet Imaged!

The first picture of a planet outside of our solar system has been released. Check out the articles.

First Directly Imaged Brown Dwarf Companion To An Exoplanet Host Star


Groups take first photos of extrasolar planets

Hubble Takes First Visible Light Image of Extrasolar Planet

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geology: Hellboy and the Golden Army

I've been looking for this place forever! This is a geologic formation in Ireland. Stone formation similar to the ones found at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. This place was mention in Hellboy: The Golden Army. You can see more pictures and explore the site at The Giant's Causeway