Monday, November 28, 2005

Environmental Science: Invasive Species

The Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) is an invasive plant from the Eurasian plains. It is current playing havoc in the Western United States.

NPR Audio Story: Tamarisk Taking Over Western States

Other Links:

Exotic Tamarisk on the Colorado Plateau

Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas

Invasive Species

Environmental Science: Seattle and Greenhouse Gases

As mention in class, Seattle is try to control it's greenhouse gas emission.

NPR STORY: Seattle Tackles Greenhouse Gases

Click on the Audio Link.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Engineering and College Physics: Starting Salaries

Today I got off on a rant about strating salaries and the need for hard work in the sciences. After some digging I found sevral sites with current starting salaries based on degreee and major. Some even have good advice on what to expect during your job intereview.

Starting Salaries Expectations

Lucrative Salaries

Class of 2004 Starting Salaries

This last link is a pdf file and has information about chemistry majors. It even contains information on starting salaries based on grades.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Engineering and College Physics: House on the Rock

I mention House on the rock as an example of a cantilever structure. The picture is the Infinity room at House on the Rock. The house itself is interesting, but the whole complex can be quite the tourist trap. Go once in your life, spend a day, then flee. (The tour continues.... Trust me if you go to House on the Rock. Those three words are a slice of hell and a year later they are hysterically funny.)

Environmental Science: Clean Water For EL Salvador

Contaminated water kills thousands of Salvadorans every year. Most are children.

You may read the whole story at

Environmental Science: Where is The Water Treatment Plant

Remember November 3rd is our tour of the Water Pollution Control Plant.

Where is it. Here is a Map.

You can find Direction from the college to the plant here: Directions