Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Environmental Science: Gun Control

I'm terrify when my 17 year old daugther gets behind the wheel of a car. How could any parent think letting a nine year old handle an uzi would be a great idea. I'm truly dumbfounded. You can see the story here:Shooting by 9-Year Old Stirs Debate Over Guns

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meteorology and Psychology: Female Named Hurricane Kill more people than Male Named Hurricanes

Recent research seems to indicate hurricanes with female names kill more people than hurricanes with male. This is not due to the name, but the perception of people. People perceive female named hurricanes as less dangerous than their male counterparts. Ironically, it is the people with the greatest gender bias that tend to be killed in such hurricanes. So, you could say Mother Nature make the human population less gender bias by removing the worst offenders. You can read and listen to the story here: Americans less fearful of Storms Named After Women

Life Sciences - Ebola will kill us ALL!

Not Really!  Ebola is much harder to contract than most flu virus, but that doesn't stop people from panic.  You and read about Ebola at NPR and listen to the dread factor story here:  The Dread Factor: Why Ebola and "Contagion" Scare Us So Much

For all you hard core gamers out there bent on world destruction have you tried the game Plague by Ndemic Creations?  Plague is an realistic simulation of how diseases spread and humans react on a global scale.