Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Environmental Science: Environment and the Economy

Monterey Bay in California has bounce back over the last 50 year with an explosion of wildlife, and with it so has the economy of the surrounding communities. Once fertile grounds for hunting, fishing and whaling until depleted, Monterey Bay, California is making a comeback. An economy based on the diverse wildlife is starting to take shape. You can read or listen to the story here: Monterey Bay An "Ocean Buffet Open for Business" This Spring

Environment Science: Toilet to Tap

The city of Wichita Falls, Texas is so short of water they will now get 50% of their drinking water directly from wastewater.  Sometimes called Toilet to Tap, the wastewater is treated, sanitized and mixed with the city drinking water supply.

You can read and listen to the full story here: Drought-Stricken Texas Town Turns To Toilets For Water
There are many cites that have already made this same move: Los Angeles, El Paso, San Diego ,and Singapore. As water becomes more scares more large cities are looking for ways to quench their thirsty citizens.
You may Read that story here: As "Yuck Factor" Subsides, Treat Wastewater Flows From Taps

Environmental Science: Global Warming - 15 Years to turn it all around

The latest U.N. climate change report says that if the world doesn't do some really tough, expensive things over the next 15 years, the costs of climate change may spiral out of control. Some of those things involve technology that isn't available yet, such as removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

You can read and listen to the full story at Marketplace.org : Global Warming: 15 Years to Change Things...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Environmental Science: Who says Population laws don't work?

Samples from the Greenland ice sheet suggest the U.S. Clean Air Act had a clear effect on conditions in the earth’s atmosphere. Pictured is ice core drilling at Summit, Greenland, in 2007. (Photo : Joel Savarino / Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysics of the Environment)
Samples from the Greenland ice sheet suggest the US Clean Air Act had a clear effect on conditions in the Earth's atmosphere.

You can read the full story here: Greenland Ice Cores show Impact of US Clean Air Act on Climate

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Environmental Science: When is water safe to drink?

Even Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virgina won't drink the water.  it's been over a month since the Chemical spill in West Virgina made the watershed contaminated.  Rendering the water unfit for human consumption: Drinking, Bathing, and Washing.  After week, no one is willing to say the water is now safe for use.  Even EPA is unclear.  Read the story here: Sen. Rockefeller Responds to Water Safety Concerns

Or you can listen to the story through the same link. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Environmental Science: Chemical Spill in West Virgina

The chemical is called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol. The spills has forced a ban on using water in a large portion of West Virgina including the capitol. You can read or listen to the NPR story here: West Virgina Governor Declares Emergency After Chemical Spill

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who would have thought that?

Maybe all that talk about conservation might have been on to something. The average amount of electricity used by Americans has dropped to levels not seen since 2001! All those energy effienct appliance and light bulbs seem to be working. You can read the whole story here: Home Electricity Use In US Falling To 2001 Levels

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sinkhole in Louisana

Watch this amazing sinkhole in action! A sinkhole forms when a cavern or space below ground collapses. The material above falls under gravity to fill the empty space below. Sometimes sinkholes can be caused by erosion, overpumping of water, loss of the water table, oil drilling and some natural causes as well.

This sink in Bayou Corne may have been due to a collapse of an underground salt dome.

May May read more about the sinkhole and the possibles causes here:

LA TIMES: Louisiana sinkhole video: Watch grove of trees disappear below ground

Louisiana sues Texas Brine for damage caused by Bayou Corne sinkhole

LA TIMES: When the ground drops: Sinkholes

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Astronomy and Meteorology: All Alone in the Night

An Awesome view of Earth from the ISS (International Space Station)